windsurf center & surf hotel at the best wind spot!
It's seven thirty in the morning. 
Sunbeams spread theirselves
over a dreamlike landscape.
It's seven thirty in the morning and Sunbeams spread themselves over a dreamlike landscape.
The Peler winds blow and the hardcore early birds are already on the water.
It takes you only minutes to get to the beach where the surf station is open and the staff are awaiting your arrival.
Soon after you are sailing and enjoying that sensation you desire so much, the wind the waves and the speed.

After your morning session you enjoy a rich breakfast in the hotel over looking the lake and those surfers you are still enjoying the Pelèr.
At nine o' clock it's School time! Children, beginners and slightly advanced surfers make use of the easy morning conditions.

Meanwhile, you can chill on land: relax, read a bit and prepare your body for the afternoon surf session.
The PierWindsurf team is at your disposal every minute of the day and will provide you with it's comprehensive and friendly services.
Choose your favorite board and sail, soon it will be time: The Ora arrives, punctual as ever.
While the Funboard courses start, a collection of colourful sails already flash up and down in front of Pier. 
A lot of them grant themselves an occasional break to rest and admire the moves of the world greatest Freestylers.

You carry your gear down the easy stairs towards the water and... there you go, top speed from take-off!
When the Ora wears out, everyone is already on land, tired and satisfied.
Now a relaxing evening in the hotel or lakeside awaits you...