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The right kite surfing course for everyone, from “taster” who wants to give it a try, then right through from “beginner” to “advanced” courses, we offer it all! At the end of the course you have the possibility to gain your VDWS Kite surfing license.
Max. 4 person
1 session beginner / advanced € 119,00
2 session beginner / advanced € 219,00
3 session beginner / advanced € 299,00
4 session beginner / advanced € 389,00
5 session beginner / advanced € 479,00
€ 179,00  -   1 lesson on land + 1 lesson in the water
License + book € 40,00
License € 25,00


We offer a special 6 Day course. This course is 6 full days dedicated to kite surfing from dawn till dusk. Apart from the conventional practical training you will also be taught theoretical knowledge such as aerodynamics, meteorology and guidelines you should be familiar with in order to make you a responsible and safe kite surfer.

We are so confident in our kite surfing camp program that we "guarantee" that you will reach kite surfing level 5 of the International VDWS. Should you not achieve this goal within the 6 days of training; the course will automatically be extended up to a further 3 days.

All Day - max. 4 persons!

6 days pro Jump/Free style pp. € 699,00

6 days advanced pp. € 699,00

6 days beginner pp. € 799,00


With a private instructor, a private boat the most intensive course but also the most effective way. Certain level of fitness is acquired for this course. This course is just limited available. Maximum 2 persons with 1 instructor.

Limited available & minimum 2 Person

1 day per person € 300,00 2 days per person € 590,00 3 days per person € 860,00