windsurf center & surf hotel at the best wind spot!
There are many places to go windsurfing.
There are fantastic spots, legendary places.
At the top of these lists there is Pier.
We do not talk about just an ordinary place, but “THE” place. A fabulous location on Lake Garda where nature offers everything to keep windsurfers smiling; water, sunshine and wind, lot's of wind!
At Pier we have more wind than at any other spot and that is probably the reason why the spot is so famous, without discussion and also for the pro's.
The Pelér in the morning or the Ora in the afternoon, at Pier …….you will plane!
Spending your holiday at PierWindsurf will be special and not only because of the perfect weather conditions!
It will be the meeting place where we will spend together the most beautiful days.
Surfing in the morning as well as in the afternoon, having fun and meeting famous surfers, discussing windsurfing with other people and improve your surfing skills.
Enjoy this magic and fantastic atmosphere in an exclusive environment, always friendly and well-taken care of down to the last detail.